Institute for Machine Learning and Analytics - IMLA

The internet of things, mobile applications, social media and production processes are generating increasing amounts of data, which have an important competitive impact. Based on these data, business processes can be optimized and new business models can be created. More and more companies recognize the potential of their data and begin to redefine themselves as “data-driven” companies.

New technologies such as in-memory database systems or big data technologies allow for advances analytical processing such as identifying patterns (data mining) or forecasts (predictive analytics). In addition, the integration of data sources like social media or internet of thing enables new application scenarios.

The Institute for Machine Learning and Analytics (IMLA) is dedicated to different aspects of intelligent analysis of (large) data in companies.


Machine Learning ist eine der Zukunftstechnologien der Digitalisierung. Vom 21.-25. September bietet das Institute for Machine Learning und Analytics Unternehmensmitarbeitenden eine Summer School an.

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Die Hochschulen Offenburg und Furtwangen und die Universität Freiburg starten das Projekt Bereitstellung von Lehr- und Experimentalumgebungen für den Einsatz GPU-basierter Anwendungen in der Lehre.

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